Many people fail to realize the effect of science in their day to day lives. It seems like something that you can choose as a profession, but it can often be overlooked as to how important it truly is to our existence and in our world. Just about everything in our world has been touched by the arm of science in some way, and so it is important to acknowledge its importance in our society as we know it.

Many of the most important advancements in our lives today are often thought of as inventions, ideas thought up by everyday people, without any acknowledgement for the science that they had to use to get their ideas off the ground. Many of those who we refer to in our nation’s history as “Inventors” were actually really scientists, and I think that if you truly look at many of their inventions you will see why.

Ben Franklin BEN FRANKLIN – A man attributed with many of the modern inventions of today, although he did not invent electricity, he did discover a way to conduct it and therefore can take credit for many of the things that exist in our society today, even the home computer. Was it not for this man’s scientific knowledge and understanding would we all still be in the dark?

Alexander Graham Bell ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL – Obviously, his biggest contribution to our society as it exists today is in the area of telecommunications. Using a simple device called the “electrical speech machine” he created the telephone communications system that we use today. Do you think that this incredible scientist could have imagined cordless, wireless, video phones, and text messaging was in the future?

Thomas Jefferson THOMAS JEFFERSON – Best known for his work on the Declaration of Independence and all the work that he did on behalf of our country, this inventor/scientist offered numerous inventions into the world. His list of inventions include a wine bottle dumb waiter, a spherical sundial, a polygraph (copying machine), and a pedometer, just to name a few. So the next time you are making a photo copy of something, be grateful that you aren’t using the double pencil, double paper version that Mr. Jefferson was using.

Wright Brothers THE WRIGHT BROTHERS – Two men, who without which travel would not be the same. Creating and flying the very first aircrafts, ranks these two individuals, Orville and Wilbur with an incredible feat, and showing that they were only a few of the true scientists in the modern world. Do you think that they could have imagined that their invention would have lead to traveling to other planets?

Albert Einstein ALBERT EINSTEIN – One of the only famous inventors who was viewed as a “scientist” in history, most probably because of his Theory of Relativity and his E=MC2 formula, was also the inventor of refrigeration. Obviously, something that is very widely used today. And isn’t it ironic that the thing that he wanted to be known least for is one of the biggest things that he supplied the world with?

Thomas Edison THOMAS EDISON – A man with 1,093 patents in his lifetime, an incredible scientist was Thomas Edison. The incandescent light bulb, kinetoscope and phonograph can all be attributed to this great inventor. Thomas Edison was a great mind who provided us with many of the modern conveniences that we have today. But do you think that he could have envisioned IMAX movie theaters and plasma TV’s with HDTV? Probably not!

The original scientists of our time seemed to get much more credit than the scientists of today, however for all intensive purposes in our nation’s history, these individuals are known as inventors instead of being referred to as scientists.

It is important to realize that although it may seem as though your life has not been influenced much by science, pretty much your whole existence has been influenced by science. Almost everything that exists in our world today has been changed by the technology of the scientific community, in one way or another.